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During my time as a high school student at Brighton High, I was given the unique opportunity to interview for an internship at Promess Incorporated, a local business that designs sensing systems for manufacturing. I was sixteen at the time and hadn’t really decided what I wanted to do after high school. Working for Promess helped me clarify my career path. I worked generally in the marketing department, but was able to learn how every job in the company functioned. I watched the technicians put the machines together, I saw the CADD department create specific designs for clients, I listened to the President running meetings and speaking with clients, and of course I helped maintain customer relations and assisted with business promotion. After seeing all these different aspects of business, I decided that marketing was actually something I really enjoyed doing. 04

I learned how businesses promote themselves in advertisements and online. I was introduced to working with clients which is a vital skill in the business world. I learned how to research and write concisely. I particularly liked the international aspect of marketing, as Promess did business with many countries around the world, and was asked to translate some of their manuals into Spanish for clients in Mexico. I was with Promess for five years and I couldn’t have asked for a better internship. Internships are not only useful as a tool to learn about the “real world” but they are very beneficial in securing a job after finishing your education. For these reasons I would encourage all students to seek internships in their community at every opportunity, whether paid or unpaid. It is worth every minute.
Katelyn Essenmacher

College student:

My internship with Promess Inc. began in the summer of 2004, when I was a sophomore at Michigan State University, and ended in 2006 when I accepted a full time position. I learned a lot over those three summers. The experience taught me how to apply the knowledge that I was being taught in the classroom and showed me what a career in engineering would really be like. I was able to sharpen my skills in technical analysis, CAD and product design and learn how to turn ideas into real products. This was extremely valuable. It helped me to be more productive once I entered the work force and taught me how to think on my own.

Internships, in general, are extremely valuable. They teach students how to apply the theory they learn in the classroom to real life situations, which is an invaluable skill. After my internship I served as a Mechanical Engineer for four years . Upon completion of my fourth year, I decided to pursue a full time MBA at the University of Notre Dame. After graduation, I plan to take the next step in my career by moving into a management position. Without an internship, my career path would have been significantly different. I doubt that I would have been able to make an immediate impact on the organization and establish credibility as fast as I did. I believe that an internship is necessary for anyone pursuing a bachelor degree and still encourage any young student that I meet to find one and learn what a job in their chosen field will really be like.
Matt McCartney